Automation of corporate management processes is an urgent need for every company, allowing the organization to reach new heights in the planned activities. This article will reveal how Ansarada board software optimized the board`s activity.

Board software: automation in the corporate management system

Automation carried out in modern integrated corporate structures is, first of all, the automation of the corporate governance system, the automation of corporate governance mechanisms. Any corporation is faced with the need to compete, therefore, with the need to do everything better, faster, and better than its competitors. Automation of corporate governance mechanisms allows you to efficiently and on time fulfill all assigned tasks and have complete and reliable information about the state of affairs at the current moment, which makes it possible for corporate collegial bodies to realistically assess the situation and set future tasks.

The organizational structure of corporate governance is one of the key concepts of management, closely related to the goals, functions, management process, the work of the board of directors, and the distribution of powers between them. The course of the management process, which is the adoption of management decisions based on the movement of information flows, is implemented within the framework of the specified structure. This process involves corporate management at all levels. Thus, a secure digital platform for effective corporate management is needed. In this case, board software is the most suitable solution.

Ansarada board portal: how does it work?

Ansarada is a SaaS solution with products used by the world’s top companies, advisors, and governments to govern their most critical information and processes in deals and transaction management, board management, compliance, and tenders. Ansarada enables organizations across the globe to be run more efficiently, with reduced risk and an increased ability to make fast confident decisions. Ansarada is purpose-driven with a mission to help organizations be confident in every critical decision throughout their lifecycle so they can fully realize their potential.

Ansarada board management software ensures the following important functions:

  • providing transparent access to management information contained in various information systems operated by the company, as well as other information sources;
  • providing a single point of access to corporate information, corporate applications, and other sources:
  • data inside and outside the company. At the same time, information can be provided in a personalized, integrated, and aggregated form – that is, provided in such a way as to maximally support the process of making business decisions and solving functional problems and tasks;
  • maintaining a historical base of key performance indicators of the company, calculating the necessary indicators based on the data contained in the company’s information systems. Providing analytical explanations of the values of indicators with varying degrees of detail;
  • support for collaboration between employees, departments, and services of the company.

Advantages of Ansarada board portal

The Ansarada product is an excellent tool for monitoring the performance of a company, because:

  • Provides storage of a history of meetings held and decisions made;
  • Contains tools for monitoring and controlling the execution of orders;
  • Data on user actions in the system allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of work on issues and draft decisions;
  • Storage information on objects allows you to visualize any slices.

From an application point of view, Ansarada board software provides security measures, such as automatic logoff after inactivity or deletion of the local database after multiple failed logins. The communication for sending the data and documents takes place exclusively via encrypted channels. The documents are stored in encrypted databases.