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Code of Conduct

While this instance is general, there are certain rules of behavior for your account to remain on this instance and for your toots to be federated to this instance.

Please observe all of these rules carefully. Many of these are non-negotiable; there will be no consideration made to reverse a decision unless it was made in error.

Since the current problem on Facebook and Twitter is Nazis, let's talk about how I handle this server in regard to them.

What is Nazism/Ethnocentrism?

Ethnocentrism is people who are pushing for a monochromatic singular ethnostate where only one ethnic and racial group dominates politics and controls all aspects of society and a nation's capital.

What Nazism is Not

Nazism is not a synonym for “people who hold a differing political opinion than me”. You can throw the term around as much as you'd like in your posts; but if you're flagging content for me to review I am going look for aspects that indicate whether your antagonist is an ethnocentrist.

If they are not, then the content stays.


White Genocide

A current joke/meme theme among certain social justice circles that's gone around Twitter is taunting of wishing for “white genocide,” specifically intended to taunt white nationalists and Neo-Nazis.

This is very problematic for two specific reasons:

  • Holocaust survivors
  • Mastodon users in countries of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia

Promoting any genocode, even in jest, even if it's just a joke, will result in a permanent suspension of your account including accounts you may have on other instances.

You will not be given a chance to appeal this decision if you make offending posts. Your Mastodon handles will be posted on this page for other admins to consider a similar suspension.

Ethnocentrism / White Nationalism

No ethnocentric nationalism will be tolerated. At all. You will not receive a warning from me; your account will be eliminated. The decision is not negotiable.

Instances that permit this will be suspended rather than silenced.

You will not be given a chance to appeal this decision if you make offending posts. Your Mastodon handles will be posted on this page for other admins to consider a similar suspension.

Ethnocentrism Other Than White Ethnocentrism

If you're expecting non-white ethnocentrism to have a home on this instance just because white ethnocentrism is banned, you will be disappointed. Non-white ethnocentrism, while it may be considered less of an issue by others, is an issue here and will not be tolerated. 1

Go find another instance for your fruitless quest to create a monoculture.

Attempting To Get Around Racism/Ethnocentrism With Smarm

If you reveal your true colors by responding to posts involving racism or National Socialism with smarmy snark and your posting history makes it obvious that you're an ethnostatist/ethnocentrist, it's just as bad as posting explicitly racist content alone.

And for that, you will be suspended.

You will not be given a chance to appeal this decision if you make offending posts. Your Mastodon handles will be posted on this page for other admins to consider a similar suspension.

Direct and Indirect Threats

Any direct and indirect threats to harm or even a wish to harm another Mastodon user is grounds for elimination of your account. Not only will you be suspended, your accounts on other instances will be as well so that your posts will not appear in the federated timeline on this instance.

You will not be given a chance to appeal this decision if you make offending posts. Your Mastodon handles will be posted on this page for other admins to consider a similar suspension.

Phony Accusations With Intent To Elicit Admin Action

Requests to suspend/silence a user should be done by reporting the offending post(s). Report each post where the rules are clearly being violated. Sending a request with no reported post to review will usually not result in action.

If it is clear through your own behavior that you are both the protagonist and the antagonist in a dispute involving the rules, you may receive a 7-day suspension.

I will not entertain requests to extract DM messages.


Absolutely no doxing of individuals is tolerated either by users locally on this instance or from outside this instance. Doxing will result in a suspension. Reversing this decision is not possible.

Content Illegal in the United States

This is mainly limited to depictions of child pornography and accessory communications to further a crime. Do not use this instance to arrange a narcotics transaction. Do not use this instance to transfer “barely-legal” porn across it, either.

This will result in a suspension. Reversing this decision is not possible.

Depictions/Animations of Children

Absolutely no “lolicon”, furry art or any other depictions of minor children engaged in a sexual nature is permitted on this instance.

This will result in a suspension. Reversing this decision is not possible.

Absolutely No Tolerance For BDS Here

There are a few people advancing the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against the state of Israel. I am not one of those people.

If you intend to use Mastodon for BDS recruiting, this is not the instance to do it from. Your account will be suspended.

I am not going to debate this rule with you.

There are other instances that will be happy to take you if you think this rule is offensive. Go find them.

Cloning Accounts

Creating a whole mess of accounts will get you banned. It can also cause registrations on this instance to close for a while until you go away. While creating bots are allowed here (and that means multiple accounts), if you're creating a bunch of sockpuppets to harass/stalk and read behind blocks, you're going to be disappointed with what I do to you.

Gender Politics, Rights and TERFs

This is currently a thing and it has gotten very nasty on Facebook and Twitter, so here's my advice on going about this on Mastodon. Don't discuss the topic of gender without a Content Warning. The debates are old, tired and many years running.

That being said…


Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists have no business on innerwebs.social. They are tolerated virtually nowhere on Mastodon.

On this server it will lead to your account deletion without warning. You can also forget joining a bunch of other instances because they will not take you either. Your TERFism will have to go into the closet.

Oh, who am I kidding? TERFs love to police others and they quickly reveal themselves.

If you do that on my server it's highly likely someone in the Fediverse will report you. If I receive one of those reports and you're are clearly TERFin', you're out of here.


Trans issues are often in the news. If you want to discuss that among friends you know; I strongly urge you to do that Unlisted and tag the specific people you are discussing, behind CWs.

If you bring this discussion into the Fediverse you are likely going to get a wide variety of disagreement, correction or policing. If you can't handle that then don't put that on the Fediverse.

This is a hot-button topic, so if you are not well-educated on it you should avoid it unless you are trans yourself.

Put Politics Posts Behind a “Pol” Content Warning

This general good behavior on Mastodon (you will get warned by users on remote instances), but posts about politics should be behind a Content Warning. Suggestions:

  • CW uspol, usapol U.S. Politics
  • CW polol Politicians doing something dumb/stupid
  • CW eupol European Politics
  • CW yourcitynamepol Local poltics
  • CW trump :neutralface:

The content warning is not going to stop someone who disagrees with you from sparring with you, but at least that exchange is slightly less visible than a constant stream of RAAAAAAAAAWWWRR on the federated timeline.

Similarly,: demanding political agreement on a diverse worldwide network is just never going to happen. It didn't work on Twitter, so why do you think it has any shot of happening here.2

Use of Dialectical Speech and Deprication Slurs

I do not mind if users wish to speak in languages other than English on this instance. In fact, I encourage it.

When writing content in dialects of very informal colloquial speech, you should avoid deprication slurs; which are often slurs that approximate or come very close to far more loaded slurs.


Nigga be trippin'!

You may receive a warning from me for use/overuse of a deprication slur. For starters, there is no real way to validate if Mastodon users are of the same ethnotype that the deprication slur inferences. Second: you're broadcasting this speech across the Fediverse. You may get a response back that's quite offensive to you from someone in another culture that doesn't understand your colloquialism.

Even if it may be socially accepted within your culture sphere to use a deprication slur to refer to other members within your own culture sphere in informal speech; it's not going to receive well on Mastodon.

Pro-tip: Just avoid doing it. Save it for your DMs, your in-real-life friends and your SMS messages.


One of the qualities people tend to not like about social media is the heavy amount of policing that takes place; much of it is not productive.

It is one thing to give advice to a person who is displaying a lack of knowledge or a social miscue, it graduates to policing when you are following that person along and harassing them on virtually every post if they do not take your advice and continue.

If the person you're coaching reaches for the block button or reports you; you might be trying to be a Twitter Cop, which is the type of behavior many of us left Twitter for.

My suggestion: ignore the exchange in-the-moment and come back later and evaluate whether you should continue communicating with a person or use the Mute button so you see no further posts that disrupt you.

It's often when giving corrective advice that misreads and bad reactions can quickly gravitate to nasty behavior requiring admin intervention, silencing, bans and deletions of accounts. Stop it before it starts.

If that person is calling for a mob of their followers to gang up–it's time to report posts. Contact the administrator of this insance and report the offensive posts before the abuse escalates further.

Parody Bots

Parody joke accounts/bots for humor are OK here (i.e. DPRK News Service, etc.) As long as your profile says “Parody” in the profile.


Bots are welcome. I do ask that you keep posts limited to posting unlisted if the bot is going to post more than once every 10 minutes.

Your bot may be silenced if you attempt to pollute the Fediverse with it.

Blocked Instances

This instance currently blocks the following instances:

  • bofa.lol - Shitposting, trolling
  • guillotines.masto.host - Concern-trolling

Posting Rules

  • No commercial advertising
  • Pornography should be marked NSFW and be behind a CW.
  • Avoid sexism
  • No gore or graphic violence without clear CW tags on the post.
  • No Holocaust denialism
  • Absolutely, positively, no “race science”, ever. It's a sad approach by ethnocentrists to get around rules banning racism; plus no one is buying that crap. Go back to the sad WordPress/Geocities/15-follower Facebook community you came from.
  • Try to respect pronouns


If you are being harassed, click the “…” button next to the offending post(s) and hit “Report”. File a report on each and every message in the chain, not just a single message if it's more than one message.

The report will be reviewed by the admins in guidance with the principles posted here. You may be asked for more information if further context is needed.

If the report is founded, I will report back the action taken.


Many of the offenses I have described in this Code of Conduct are not appeal-able offenses, meaning that I will not entertain requests to reverse a silence/suspension or a perma-deletion of an account.

I will not give you any warning before I take corrective action. If you're being highly offensive you may lose access to your account and with that–all of your follows/followers and images.

I will not supply you with a dump of your account detail/logs or any other records. I have no contract to provide you a service, therefore I have no obligation to archive your records.


What will we do with your data? Nothing.

Where does your data go? Nowhere.

What about advertising? There isn't any. You may have some shithead that wants to archive toots they see on the Fediverse, but commercial instances usually get blocked after enough people complain and admins block their instance.

Are there any exceptions to this? Yeah. If law enforcement in the United States hits me with a subpoena that is valid and after my lawyer reviews it and says I must do it, I will turn records over.



Praising non-white ethnocentric figures such as Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-semite and anti-LGBT bigot


That wasn't a question