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This is why you should use :emacs:

Fuck you, vim. Fuck. You.

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Here we go. A full-run down on how to get perfect Qualys and CryptCheck scores on your Mastodon instance. (Also any other websites you run)

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Twitter is finally going to get rid of Shaun King.

People eventually get sick of grifting.

Your local hipster neighborhood whose residents all resent and/or hate the cops is dealing with a crime epidemic in exactly a way you would expect it to.

Let me tell you a story.
Do NOT fuck with my telephone.
Or I will destroy you.

i have seriously fallen into the trap of phone hacking... I'm sitting here at 2 in the morning writing asterisk dialplan code

About 15 years ago I wrote an asterisk script to reboot some servers using an IVR and a passcode. That took two weeks to figure out. Now it's nothing.

Holy shit the features that are in asterisk are incredible.

ROFLMAO trollers calling into Alex Jones's web store hotline ->

LOL the 9 cents a month that people send to Andy Torba for Gab just got shut off.

Dumbass 20 year olds paying for nothing boxes that Logan Paul recommends sounds about right

YouTube's Biggest Stars Are Pushing a Shady Polish Gambling Site

You'd think enough people would get mad at not being able to enjoy the jamz on their pho-RING RING... RING RING [CALLER IDENTIFIED AS SCAM]

Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones

Everyone who calls me on the phone gets an answerbot to waste your time. I don't care anymore. I don't get calls that ever give ME time.

Wait you're fucking telling me that stupid phone is what caused currency markets to go haywire and is making people believe that the world is ending?

Fuck these people.

The Oregon Engineering Board thought it could throw people in jail for discussing traffic light cameras. It was wrong, thanks to the Institute for Justice.

Pocahontas isn't a 'racial slur'.

It's a proper noun.

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