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Here we go. A full-run down on how to get perfect Qualys and CryptCheck scores on your Mastodon instance. (Also any other websites you run)

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Fucking piece of shit proglodytes pushed for a DA who just gave only 3.5 years to a man who robbed a store with an AK-47 and shot off the owner's leg and left him bedridden for life.

Theresa May looks to be on her way out. Pushed out really.

OK it's posting like 20 toots a minute. Blocking.

Getting really tired of the @d3vnull account, looks like a spambot

:reddit: In /r/emacs... :

Is there a way to capture files with org-capture?
I love capturing small todos, start reviews or add an item to my shopping list. It also happens on a daily basis that I would like to quickly capture a file, either by a link in my clipboard or as the most recent synced image from my phone (for example a receipt of something I just bought). So far I found no way to aut…

I'm not trans. I'm just gay.

That makes me an oppressor.

Take it or leave it.

Ahh... this is a specific... it's that's no longer resolving. still resolves just fine.

I'm showing on my end that wikipedia no longer resolves. Gonna use dig to find a reroute

1. He doesn't care about retweets

2. You're a Freeze Peach white nationalist now?

Always use a clear and comprehensive commit message.

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