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I think honestly most of those instances disappeared due to disk space management. Masto is a disk hog.

So... I went through my list of Mastodon instances that I've suspended over a year... all but 1 of them are gone for good.


Only 3 calls made it in before they shut their number off.

Apparently scammers in India posing as the Social Security Administration do not appreciate when ISIS calls them.

I mean, InfoSec people have done all this work to identify code/hardware malware issues...

But what about social scamming which is what most of this tech support/IRS/SSA/CRA scamming is?

STIR/SHAKEN doesn't do shit to stop it either, really.

You would think that Google would go after shit like this: (WARNING, scammer site)

Where it's clearly a tech scammer doing SEO poisoning on Google, but then going after Google's users.

Also: new signups were not working b/c email passwords changed and stuff... sorry for all those spambots who tried to create accounts on my instance*.

*not sorry

OK... I did like this massive upgrade to my Masto instance. Hope it was worth it.

AT&T CEO Interrupted By a Robocall During a Live Interview

Yeah there is this account on fed'ing out commercial spam and it needs to go. Hope the instance admin is awake.

So, if you point a call flooder at one scammer for 30 minutes you wipe out the 5 agents at that center. 30 mins x 5 people == 2½ hours of pay.

Now: if a scammer connected with 100 people who each in turn wasted 5 minutes of a scammer's time, that's 500 minutes or 8⅓ hours of pay.

All you have to do is just grunt on the phone and act dumb. It's easy. "What?" "Uh-huh" "Okay." "Uh-huh" "Yeah" "What was that?" just burn the time.

This is what's wild... the advice the FCC/FBI/Treas and almost every other gov agency gives about phone scammers is crap information.

Just wasting 5 minutes of a scammer's time---if everyone did that---is WAY more economically damaging than a call flooder. Each individual scammer is flooding the telecom network with calls. Hanging up causes their audiodialer to move on to the next victim and get back to calling you quicker.

Another day, another scammer knocked off the telecom network. They pulled the number they were scamming from.

Another day, another scammer knocked off the telecom network. They pulled the number they were scamming from.

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