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The fakest news of all is the claim that politicians respect our liberty, including our free speech rights.

The Logan Act is back in the news, and its invocation is as breathtakingly stupid as it has always been.

Single-payer would eliminate private health insurance as we know it today.

Trump administration officials discuss plans to deploy 120,000 troops to the Middle East amidst rising tensions in the Persian Gulf.

If you're jonesing for the sort of "bold, structural changes" that @senwarren, @sensanders, & @AOC want, you should embrace libertarian capitalism, says @nickgillespie.

Everybody totally keeps their chill in this abortion conversation with @kmanguward between pro-life libertarian @sladesr and pro-choice libertarian @enbrown

Forensic experts find "no evidence" that Houston narcs who killed Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas during a no-knock drug raid based on a fraudulent warrant encountered gunfire as they entered the house.

National Security Adviser John Bolton has used every possible opportunity to heighten tensions with Iran

Congress is paving the way for taxpayers to support big business and foreign enterprises. It's crony capitalism at its worst.

The Logan Act has always been invoked to attempt to unconstitutionally punish political opponents. This time, John Kerry is the target.

Consumers can sue Apple on antitrust grounds, SCOTUS said yesterday. But that doesn’t mean they’re likely to win

With all his talk of "restoring" and "rebuilding" the country, Biden sounds like the Democratic version of Trump.

RT @nickgillespie: Watch this, from @reason: @HamiltonMorris is changing the way we think about drugs, from Ambien to Xanax, LSD to opioids…

Five years after Eric Garner's death, officer Daniel Pantaleo, is now finally facing some sort of accountability.

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