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The final vote was 59-41, with 12 Republicans voting to block the national emergency.

The Arkansas legislature unanimously passed a bill that would abolish civil asset forfeiture in many cases

There really isn't a good, practical argument for forcing cosmetologists to have 1,500 hours of training.

.@MattWelch - "There is more to the mystical skateboarder and lackluster air drummer, though, than merely the inevitable memes."

The Senate just voted to reject @realDonaldTrump's emergency declaration at the border.

Restaurants are already struggling with the city's new $15 minimum wage.

.@realDonaldTrump's defense of eminent domain is "the kind of language you'd expect out of some autocrat someplace," says Colorado Democrat @SenatorBennet

RT @jacobsullum: In states where you can legally buy pot, finding places where you can legally use it is still a challenge. But the country…

In states where you can legally buy pot, finding places where you can legally use it is still a challenge. But the country's first state-licensed cannabis lounges could open as soon as this summer in Alaska.

New court documents suggest New York's ride share regs have backfired in a big way.

With a 54–46 vote, lawmakers said the U.S. must block further military support for Saudi Arabia's and the United Arab Emirates' bombings and other acts of aggression in Yemen.

RT @EricBoehm87: "You wouldn't let just anyone cook your food, would you?" is not as compelling an argument as some people seem to think...…

Bribing schemes reveal unflattering truths about academic business ethics.

NYC bill would outlaw 'unfair firings' in fast food industry

One-size-fits all licensing makes as much sense as requiring that the guy making your burrito at Chipotle has as much training as a line cook at an establishment with a Michelin star.

RT @MattWelch: "Chances are that not much of [@BetoORourke's] policy priors will be discussed in the coming days, if ever. Not when the com…

RT @nickgillespie: Why does @SenWarren want to break up tech companies and highly regulate all sorts of economic activity? In a new @reason

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