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Increased demand for medical services means an increased demand for nurses, too.

An obscure law makes creates a barrier to public scrutiny and makes it nearly impossible to hold the state’s cops accountable.

The Green New Deal is a bad idea made worse by its inability to grapple with local land use restrictions.

The police became involved when three women practiced yoga and sunbathed on the beach without covering up.

Ron Wyden's marijuana legalization bill imposes federal taxes and regulations that will make it even harder for the cannabis industry to displace the black market.

Kavanaugh's opinion isn't quite the anti-abortion radicalism many on the left are making it out to be

Green New Deal uses climate change to justify the same old progressive policies including guaranteed jobs, health care and housing

Netflix is paying $10 million for a campaign documentary about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Is this a threat to democracy? (No, it's not)

Predator Documents Child Sex Abuse—and the Lackluster Response—in Indian Communities

Paloma Heindorff took over at @DefDist after @Radomysisky's arrest. She talks to @reason about her background, the company's legal battles, and why the future of the homemade firearm movement is "beautiful."

A Houston narcotics officer involved in last week's deadly drug raid is relieved of duty because of "ongoing questions" about the search warrant affidavit, which described drugs and a gun police never found.

Podcast w @nickgillespie & enbrown. @DHSgov's Blue Campaign pushes the hospitality, airline, and other industries to call the feds if they suspect "human trafficking." The result is a loss of privacy, not the rescuing of victims.

N.C. mom claims SWAT team "terrorized" her autistic son before police gave her the runaround.

If Lou's in East Austin thought they could move into their new spot without controversy, they were mistaken.

Business owners say they will have to cut jobs and raise prices.

The Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld the involuntary manslaughter conviction of Michelle Carter, the teen who told her boyfriend to kill himself

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