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Republicans are riding high with their tweet-crazy hero at the helm, but don’t be shocked if in a few years the national GOP resembles its barely existent California variant.

Five years ago, McConnell declared the need to restore the Senate. Instead, he's broken it further.

We're starting to see the first stories detailing misconduct of California police officers. We're also seeing the lengths to which police groups will go to keep those records secret.

What explains the big spread? The short answer is federal regulation.

The legislative branch is failing its basic constitutional duties.

The Iowa congressman and his nativism are deeply at odds with the essential promise of America.

Background checks won't stop ordinary criminals from getting guns.

.@NYCMayor Bill de Blasio takes on private property: "We will seize their buildings."

Republicans need more legislators like @JustinAmash and @RepThomasMassie, who take their constitutional duties seriously, and fewer executive branch lickspittles like @LindseyGrahamSC.

Importing prescription drugs From Canada could save Vermonters $5 million a year (or nothing at all). What explains that spread of possible outcomes?

A new year brings new public transparency about police misconduct records in California. But law enforcement representatives are still trying to stop releases.

The faction against Shahid Shafi questions whether or not he supports "Islamic terror groups."

McConnell has almost entirely absented the Senate from the shutdown negotiations. It's a deeply hypocritical hypocritical abdication of congressional responsibility.

Requiring background checks for all gun transfers, a very popular idea and a top priority for House Democrats, would hurt innocent people without doing much to improve public safety.

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