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.@IJ is representing both tenants AND landlords to try to stop unwarranted inspections.

Rides will be more expensive, and traffic congestion could get even worse.

Like its cap on the number of cars, New York's new minimum wage for @uber and @lyft drivers is bad news for riders, says @nickgillespie.

The surprise isn't that @realDonaldTrump doesn't care about the national debt, it's that there's anybody left in two-party politics who still does.

Did you get consent to send that selfie? A proposed NYC bill would make unsolicited sexting a crime

Seattle wants to snoop on rental properties to make sure they're up to code. Get a warrant, @IJ says, and files a class-action suit.

After boosting the fentanyl market, drug warriors promise to eradicate it. Here is why they will fail.

On Repeal Day, Peter Suderman talks with Jarrett Dieterle about the end of Prohibition, and the stupid alcohol laws that still make your drinks worse.

Apparently Michael Flynn has been singing like a canary for the FBI and Robert Mueller's special investigation. So he may be rewarded with a light sentence that avoids prison time.

The Camden Riversharks were supposed to revitalize the impoverished city by being the centerpiece of an economic development plan along the edge of the Delaware River. It didn't work out that way.

RT @nickgillespie: Thanks to the more than 1,000 ppl who donated during @reason's annual ! Overwhelmed by your generosity! ht…

Trump is very excited that China may execute more drug offenders, but as @mikeriggs reports, symbolically murdering people won't stop fentanyl exports to the U.S.

The Prohibition Era may be long past, but America still enforces plenty of dumb alcohol laws. Here are their stories

More than 1,000 people supported @reason during our . We couldn't be more grateful.

As the prison-industrial complex starts to crumble, get ready for the social-media-surveillance complex to replace it.

A case SCOTUS will hear on Thursday gives it an opportunity to revisit the misbegotten "dual sovereignty" exception to the Double Jeopardy Clause.

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