The number of new international students enrolling in U.S. colleges and universities dropped 6.3 percent for undergrads.

Donald Trump's restrictionist immigration policies are making U.S. universities less exceptional.

Listen to @MattWelch interview @RandPaul on Afghanistan, @dandrezner on WWIII, and @bendreyfuss, @NomikiKonst & @ForecasterEnten on Joe Biden

When a policy is framed as the individual having no choice, policy oversight of that activity becomes more publicly acceptable.

California's rent control advocates are back with another ballot initiative that would pave the way for price regulation of rental housing across the state.

Trump's weaselly ways prolonged the Russia investigation and lent credence to the suspicion that he had something to hide.

After a 2018 defeat, California's rent control advocates are back with another statewide ballot initiative.

Warren's loan forgiveness plan is a massive giveaway to relatively well-off people.

Psst…do you want to know the 26 words that, in the opinion of today's guest on the Reason Podcast, "created the internet?"

Scaring off newcomers is a recipe for decline, not greatness.

The office of the president will survive Trump's tenure and will remain as potent as ever.

A California bill proposes to ban hotels from providing small shampoo and conditioner bottles in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

If Congress does not change federal gun laws, Democratic presidential contender Kamala Harris promises, she will do it by executive fiat.

The New York Times built a functioning private facial recognition system using off-the-shelf technology. Should you be worried?

A judge this morning temporarily sealed video footage from the Florida massage parlor where Robert Kraft was arrested, against the wishes of major media companies

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