A new Medicare rule requiring consultation between pharmacists and doctors for opioid prescriptions that exceed an arbitrary threshold will further discourage medically appropriate pain treatment.

The Senate passed the FIRST STEP Act by a vote of 87-12. The bill will now go back to the House, which passed a different version of the legislation in May.

The Senate just rejected Sen. Tom Cotton's amendment to the FIRST STEP Act that would have gutted it, and the bill is now poised for passage

Drunk Michigan sheriff tries to get out of DUI: "I’m a constitutional fucking officer. You can’t take me to fucking jail."

However they feel about gun control, principled critics of the Trump administration should object to its unilateral ban on bump stocks, which usurps Congress by redefining machine guns.

Kentucky faces more than $62 billion in unfunded pension liabilities over the next few decades, and the teachers' pension plan accounts for more than $33 billion of that debt.

Maine Decides All Its Registered Libertarian Voters Are No Longer Registered Libertarians

Opioid overdose deaths in parts of Ohio are dropping dramatically. Credit harm reduction efforts--not overzealous drug wars--for the improvement.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams undermines harm reduction by pushing anti-vaping policies and propaganda in the name of fighting "the epidemic of youth e-cigarette use."

Keep the feds out of cop killer cases, writes @rumpfshaker for Reason.

It looks like @realDonaldTrump won't shut down the government over border wall funding after all. This is probably for the best.

A Texas woman with a history of mental illness was arrested in July for misdemeanor trespassing. Her bail was set for $300. She died Friday after sitting in jail for months. Why did this happen?

New York's ban on nunchucks was inspired by kung fu films. A federal court says it's unconstitutional.

Watch @notjessewalker and @jbratich discuss conspiracies at the @metmuseum.

LIVE Tonight at 7 P.M. ET/4 P.M. PT: Freeing Your Kids (and Yourself) in the 21st Century with Lenore Skenazy (@freerangekids).

73% of top U.S. universities do not guarantee the presumption of innocence in Title IX sexual misconduct trials according to a new report from @theFIREorg

A Reason investigation of a notorious Texas public records loophole found 81 cases where police hid records of shootings and deaths in custody

Are you ready for government-branded drugs? Elizabeth Warren's latest would let the feds run a socialized pharma company

Why does Google support an American data privacy law? Because it will actually help them dominate the tech market even more.

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