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Think the tariffs aren't affecting the stock market? Take a look at this.

Harris County, Texas, has been ground zero for the fight to reform bail so that poor people aren't trapped behind bars. A new judiciary has agreed to changes for the better.

Video: Body cam footage shows a now-fired Florida sheriff's deputy appearing to blatantly lie about a roadside drug test

Five-round magazines and background checks for ammo purchases: Oregon considers the toughest gun restrictions in the country

California's bail bond industry has successfully forced a referendum vote to potentially stop reforms.

It looks like the family separation crisis was even worse than we thought.

While @roku has the right to ban Alex Jones and InfoWars, it's not good for free speech when platforms start shutting down channels, especially since users can avoid anything they find offensive, says @nickgillespie.

New study from @CMSnewyork highlights two big reasons we don't need @realDonaldTrump's border wall.

The mayor of Washington, D.C., says new regulations limiting short-term rentals are likely unconstitutional—but she's going to let them become law anyway.

The first wrinkle in the era of legal hemp is coming into focus: police officers do not appear capable of distinguishing hemp from marijuana.

No climate change signal discerned in U.S. hurricane losses yet.

No, journalists shouldn't get special protections under criminal law

When the National Safety Council warns us about "the danger inside of a bottle of pills" in the context of a risk calculation based mainly on illicit opioids, it is engaged in fearmongering rather than public education.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a First Amendment right to feature Pinkertons as villains, and the popular video game's publisher should prevail in this lawsuit

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