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Congress tried to draw a line on the president's war and emergency powers, which is more than it has managed to do before.

University of Cambridge cancels Jordan Peterson’s visiting fellowship because he is not 'inclusive'

Be wary of new pain-pill rules pushed by @SenGillibrand & @SenCoryGardner. Putting the government at the center of health care means putting politics at the center of doctor-patient relationships, says @nickgillespie.

A new study casts significant doubt on whether the controversial classroom tool should be used.

RT @robbysoave: I don't want to hear about how Biden has all this foreign policy experience and Bernie does not. Biden got the big call--wh…

The Iraq War was the biggest foreign policy mistake in decades. Biden voted for it. Sanders did not.

The Lone Star State continues its attacks on Elon Musk’s electric car company.

The Florida legislature advanced a bill that would require those with felony records to pay their court debts before they could regain voting rights.

Florida also soaks people in fines and fees.

One San Francisco man has spent five years fighting city hall and neighborhood activists just to get permission to develop his own land.

Naked mannequin party exposed after man loses battle over tall fence.

More than 30 California news organizations are reviewing thousands of newly released documents about bad cop behavior.

The New Jersey senator says there's nothing funny about pot busts that warp people's lives.

RT @jacobsullum: George Conway's spat with Donald Trump illustrates psychiatry's pernicious influence on the debate about the president's f…

RT @EricBoehm87: Chris Heitman runs a small business in suburban Milwaukee, but he's receiving letters, phone calls, and emails from revenu…

George Conway's spat with Donald Trump illustrates psychiatry's pernicious influence on the debate about the president's fitness, which features critics who present their moral and political judgments as scientific conclusions.

"These results suggest a trigger warning is neither meaningfully helpful nor harmful," wrote the authors.

As opioid addiction surged in the state over the last decade, Massachusetts began putting civil commitments in the hands of the state department of corrections.

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