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The response to Justin Amash's comments about the Mueller report reveals how eager his colleagues are to evade their constitutional responsibilities.

"This doomed boondoggle is billions of dollars over budget and years (possibly even decades) behind schedule. Voters originally approved setting aside $10 billion in bond money, yet the project now exceeds $75 billion," writes @SShackford.

RT @MattWelch: Today’s post on @JustinAmash, the Freedom Caucus, Trump, and government spending got me strolling down memory lane from the…

RT @jacobsullum: A federal judge rules that "telling stories for money should not require a government test and license in a country with a…

As expected, California is going to the federal courts to try to stop Trump from taking away its bullet train money

Since Colorado has legalized marijuana, the state's highest court says, a police dog trained to detect pot as well as other drugs cannot be deployed without probable cause and cannot by itself justify a car search.

Most college students borrow responsibly but the media can't stop showcasing people whose behavior is inexplicable and indefensible, writes @nickgillespie.

RT @robbysoave: "When you bow to these woke scolds, they accept it as weakness." @unsuckdcmetro tells @reason why he won't stop holding WMA…

Unsuck DC Metro called out the public transportation system for its myriad failings, and specific employees for their bad behavior. In response, local media doxed the account.

News outlets are hiring Rahm Emanuel now that he's no longer Chicago's mayor. They seem to have forgotten that he's completely awful

Stossel: A new documentary reveals how stable currency leads to prosperity. @JohnStossel @SteveForbesCEO

When Randy Bartlett decided to open a new school for Pittsburghers who wanted an alternative to the city's public system, he knew it couldn't be a charter school.

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