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RT @TracyTTraffic: here are the roads that @seattledot have treated
If you want to see it up close.
Click here

RT @rachelkiro7: Just in: semi driver who lost control in Olympia and crashed into jersey barrier will likely be issued a ticket. @RobKIRO7…

RT @TracyTTraffic: the ramp from the stadiums to SB 5 is icy and slushy

.@wspd1pio says:
While we’re still working hard to clear the semi truck, I’m being told a good number of chickens did in fact make it to freedom.

RT @TracyTTraffic: the conditions on Hwy 18 are about the same as they were when I left last night at 10pm - still compact snow and ice on…

RT @NickAllardKIRO7: A VERY Tricky forecast much warm air. Where will it set up? I'm talking all morning on what we're thinking…

RT @rachelkiro7: BELLEVUE: spotted this issue on our 405 and 520 camera. Use caution @KIRO7Seattle

RT @rachelkiro7: NB I-5 near Thorne Ln SW right lane blocked @KIRO7Seattle

RT @wsdot_tacoma: Collision on I-5 NB at milepost 123.5 near Thorne Lane SW beginning at 5:48 am on February 11, 2019 until further notice.…

RT @WoodinvilleFire: Remember when you are out shoveling sidewalks to clear around your local fire hydrant. This helps us during emergencie…

RT @TracyTTraffic: The Vashon Island Water Taxi is operating on its regular schedule today.

RT @MichelleKIRO7: JUST IN: WSP Trooper Axtman LIVE on TV: 53 crashes in Snohomish County alone since last night. NO serious injuries. "Ple…

RT @intercitytransi: Rt 12 inbound only detour due to accident on NB I-5 at the Eastside underpass. Buses will continue on E St. to Deschut…

RT @MichelleKIRO7: Who's up? We're gearing up for our 6AM show -- showing you where it's snowing now & where it's headed next. Some could a…

.@KIRO7Seattle is speaking with Wash. State Patrol troopers about conditions on the roads. Watch now >>

RT @TracyTTraffic: some of the seattle area roads have been plowed or treated.. not all of them. we just hit 5th and it got really icy

RT @rachelkiro7: MOUNTLAKE TERRACE : A snow covered I-5 drive. Drop those speeds if you're heading out @KIRO7Seattle Julie

.@SoundTransit has some updates to tell you about.

RT @rachelkiro7: RENTON looks like we are seeing some progress in clearing this crash NB 405 on ramp from SR 167 .. @KIRO7Seattle https://t…

RT @wsdot_tacoma: Here's a look at the crash on I-5 in Olympia/MP 105.5 Reduced lanes in both directions.

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