RT @SeattleFire: Firefighters on scene at the 5400 Blk. of 44th Ave. SW for report of a mainly exterior fire at a reisential home. Crews ha…

: @kingcosoPIO tell us an arson suspect is in custody for a brush fire in the 10700 blk of 14th Ave SW in White Center. Two firefighters went to the hospital w/minor injuries. @MichaelKIRO7 will have the latest tonight on KIRO 7 @ 7pm & 11pm

RT @ShelbyKIRO7: Is the dock at Long Lake Park too dangerous? @CityofLacey officials say so. They’re removing it before swim season begins…

RT @ShelbyKIRO7: A brush fire continues to burn in Eatonville. Crews say it’s charred about 25 acres.

It’s only March — this is not a good…

RT @MichaelKIRO7: Second firefighter transported to the hospital from White Center fire — also expected to be OK.

LIVE update + New video…

RT @GrahamKIRO7: Neighbors turned out in force today to oppose an expansion of the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill. On KIRO 7 News at 6, we l…

RT @EastPierceFire: Fire near South Prairie this morning! PHOTOS: Crews battle small brush fire in Pierce County

RT @LinziKIRO7: We go along with the city’s RV clean up pilot program for a story on ⁦@KIRO7Seattle⁩ at 5:30p tonight... we’re talking abou…

RT @JoannaKIRO7: 6yo Dayvid Pakko’s uncle drowned him in a bathtub and left his body in a Lynnwood dumpster in 2017. Today the man was sent…

RT @JesseKIRO7: A Redmond man buys a vehicle off a used car lot only to learn that a rogue employee sold it without the owner's permission.…

RT @IAFF726: Proud to work with @ShelbyKIRO7 to get our message out! 🔥

RT @ShelbyKIRO7: Dozens of fires have started this week — scorching hundreds of acres in western Washington.

We are LIVE in minutes on KI…

RT @KCSheriffOffice: Family Support accounts set up for Deputy Thompson and Officer Chavez,

RT @MichaelKIRO7: .@SeattleFire: firefighter transported from White Center fire to Harborview Medical Center with minor injuries.

LIVE 5p…

RT @ClaireKIRO7: A warm evening with gusty easterly winds. The winds are not helping with brush fires across the area. Winds expected to ca…

RT @DeborahKIRO7: How sweet it is! Hello Sum... er, Spring! 😎

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