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Ok, time to recreate all the newsbot accounts again

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At least with a clean DB the website is snappier 😀

So this is kinda cool... when you nuke an instance and give it a new DB, the federated starts to re-pop. Everyone else's sidekiq jobs I guess

Sorry if I'm re-following you. I screwed something up when upgrading to 2.4.4 and had to completely nuke my database.

I'm sure it's something I did.

Although on a fresh DB I had to manually go in the db and DROP INDEX index_statuses_20180106 in order to get the rake db:migrate job to run through to completion. 👀 @Gargron

Ok, this is 2.4.4 installed. Let's hope everything is stable.

A generalistic fast (low TTL) Mastodon instance for USA and Canada.

A no-nonsense, Nazi-free social media. Serving Philadelphia-New York-Toronto-Montrèal areas with fast response and low latency.

Home of the Mastodon Newsbot Service

The following newsbots are running on this instance:

  • NPR / National Public Radio (United States)
  • WHYY / WHYY Philadelphia (an NPR radio station)
  • BreakingNews / NBC Breaking News (posts to public)
  • BBCRadio4 / Intelligent, insightful programming from BBC Radio 4
  • 6ABC / WPVI Television in Philadelphia
  • KIRO7 / KIRO Television in Seattle, Washington
  • TheHill / US Political news from The Hill (all posts behind CW)
  • Reason / Reason Magazine - Politics from a pragmatist libertarian point of view

Tech Newsbots

Some other newsbots

  • RT - Russia Today, the Russian state news broadcaster (English)
  • Le Monde - The World, popular French newspaper (French)