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RT @WHYYNews: North Philly auto body shop engulfed by fire racked up safety violations prior to blaze

RT @PBS: All 28 members of the U.S. women’s soccer team have filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation. (Fro…

Hosted by ardent admirer Bette Midler, 'Hal David: Look of Love' is a musical tribute to the man who wrote some of the most enduring songs in American popular music. Did we mention that guests interviewed include Terry Gross? Watch Tuesday, 3/12 at 9:30p!

RT @PBS: Celebrate with stories of women who broke barriers, took risks and transcended expectations.

@Gene_PHL Hi Eugene, sorry this took a couple days — had to do some asking around! When local Morning Edition pieces are posted to the WHYY website, they can be found here:

Here's the link to the interview you mentioned:

RT @NPR: "We deserved to be paid equally for our work, regardless of our gender," says star soccer player Alex Morgan. The U.S. women's soc…

The elegance, warmth, and beauty of Nat King Cole's voice is unmatched in the history of popular music. Celebrate his centennial this Saturday (3/9) at 8p on WHYY-TV!


Do you want to be one of the lucky WHYY viewers to score the LAST tickets available to Antiques Roadshow Live in Delaware? Tune into this vintage episode Monday 3/11 at 7:30p to find out how!

In David Treuer's new book, The Heartbeat at Wounded Knee, which starts with the 1890 massacre, he writes a counternarrative to the story that has been told, focusing on “Indian life rather than Indian death.”

RT @NPR: Alex Trebek joked he has to win his battle with pancreatic cancer, "because under the terms of my contract, I have to host Jeopard…

Critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns sits down to discuss his work as a historian, storyteller and curator of uniquely American subjects in A Conversation With Ken Burns, airing tomorrow (3/8) at 9p on WHYY-TV.

Not only is Terry Gross the High Priestess of WHYY, she also earned the title in @jamesboyle's new Philly Tarot Deck! Many thanks to the @nprfreshair listener who shared this with us.

RT @WHYYNews: Delawareans debate late-term abortion ban before Senate committee

RT @PBS: Over 200 cases of measles have been confirmed in the U.S. in the past few months, prompting a state of emergency in Washington. (F…

YA fiction author @halseanderson won wide acclaim for her 1999 debut novel, Speak, one of the first books for young adults to tackle sexual assault.

Now twenty years after 'Speak,' Anderson has written a memoir called 'Shout.'

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