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RT @WHYYNews: UPDATE: Philadelphia Police to dismiss schools in South Philadelphia one at a time amid manhunt

Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” but today quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from computers to cryptography.

📺 Watch “Einstein's Quantum Riddle” tonight at 9p on WHYY-TV.

The latest DNA technology combined with the study of family history has given law enforcement agencies across the country new ways to solve decades-old crimes.

@hashtagsongs Thanks for the feedback, Bill! Glad you're enjoying the show, despite the dissonance.

@hannahsassaman Hi Hannah, just a system test! No emergency to speak of.

RT @NPR: Seven takeaways from the president's first Oval Office address to the nation last night, including his real target audience: waver…

"The administration continues to maintain that there's a crisis at the southern border. If there is a crisis at the southern border, based on the Washington Post's reporting, it is a humanitarian crisis."

-Reporter Robert Costa

Heck. Hades. Sam Hill. The Inferno. Aitch-ee-double-hockey-sticks. If you’re like most Americans, you believe in it. But what questions does the concept of hell raise?

Simone wrote the music, then asked her bandleader to write plainspoken lyrics — something that "will make black children all over the world feel good about themselves, forever."

TONIGHT: WHYY will air @NPR and @PBS's live special coverage of President Trump's Oval Office address, along with the joint Democratic response, analysis and reaction. Coverage starts at 9p.m. on WHYY-TV and WHYY-FM.

From the grounds of Meadow Brook Hall, learn the story behind family heirlooms, thrift store finds, and more — including a $77,500 appraisal — on this episode of @RoadshowPBS!

What surprising stories are buried within @GeorgeRRMartin's family history? We can only hope that @HenryLouisGates refuses to tell him until he finishes "The Winds of Winter."

@halvorson @NPR Hi Kristina, unfortunately The Why does not currently offer a transcript. Most pre-produced shows (like Fresh Air with Terry Gross and This American Life) do, however! Just click through to the series page on our website

RT @WHYYNews: Why Pennsylvania is trying a new solution for the school scoring equation

Bayard Rustin was an adviser to Martin Luther King Jr. and the organizer behind the 1963 March on Washington. And though he was gay, his legacy remains little known among many in the LGBTQ community.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have embraced veganism. McDonalds has started selling McVegan burgers. Could 2019 be the year for an entirely plant-based diet?

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