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RT @NPR: The Internet content you didn't know you needed today: Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," performed by 28 trombonists.

@MorrisAnimal @LawrenceConnol2 @TheMERL @bookoisseur @MontereyAq @SUEtheTrex @PoldarkTV @PBS May we recommend this one?

"I believe sometimes we confuse what the audience needs with what the artist wants. That makes crappy art. But I believe there is room for it all. Including crappy art." - Taylor Mac

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RT @NPR: A growing number of Central American migrants are returning home, discouraged by the bleak prospects of being granted asylum in th…

RT @WHYYNews: Former Pa. AG Kathleen Kane ordered to jail by Thursday, 2 years after sentencing

One of the most controversial figures in Philadelphia history, Frank Rizzo's legacy continues to live on.

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@jessekakl @Philabundance Thank you, @jessekakl!

RT @NPR: Rescue workers' findings, which they document in meticulous notes shown to NPR, point to an offensive in Raqqa that killed many mo…

RT @jblumgart: Here are five big takeaways from @phillymayor's long chat with @MartyMossCoane today there's everyth…

Shake off the consumerism blues and celebrate with a donation that goes twice as far, courtesy of @NewsMatch. For every gift, we'll also donate a meal to someone in need through @Philabundance!

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RT @WHYYNews: A deported dreamer and a desperate mother are just a few onboard the headed towards the U.S.

On The Why tod…

Did you miss Jim Kenney (@PhillyMayor) on @whyyradiotimes this morning? Listen here. On the docket: Philly’s status as a sanctuary city, the affordable housing crisis and high poverty rate here, the opioid epidemic, and more.

RT @NPR: The family's attorney says several witnesses have come forward since shooting to say the police officer who killed Emantic "E.J."…

Happy 🍔! Did you know that WHYY Members save 10% at @HungerBurgerPA in the @RdgTerminalMkt?

Hunger Burger serves "Patties with a Purpose." For every burger sold, they use a portion of profits feed a child in need.

@slowpaddler Hi Margo! What day/approximate time did this air, and was it on TV or radio?

RT @WHYYNews: Advice for holiday toy safety: Avoid slime and ‘put a freaking helmet on’

Half of California’s 10 worst wildfires have struck in the last two years. The most recent Camp Fire is the deadliest and most destructive in state history.

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Join the WHYY Street Team today at @PhilaMRKT 2018! This one-day pop-up shop features local artists, illustrators and designers. We’ll have giveaways, contests and more – hope to see you there!

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