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This Thursday, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sits down with NPR legal correspondent @NinaTotenberg to discuss her years on the nation’s highest bench and her continuing commitment to principled dissent. Watch 3/21 at 11p on WHYY-TV.

RT @PBS: In celebration of Fred Rogers’ birthday, learn how his life inspired the documentary . (From @IndependentLe…

RT @NPR: Judges in The Hague upheld Radovan Karadžić's
s conviction in connection with the 1995 Srebrenica massacre that claimed the lives…

RT @BattlingOpioids: Don't forget to tune in to your local PA Public Media station to watch Battling Opioids: Part 2, focused on Pennsylvan…

An innovative and prolific jazz pianist, composer and arranger, Mary Lou Williams created some of the most sophisticated big-band hits for Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington and other popular orchestras of the 1930s.

Learn more about her life this Thursday, 3/21 at 10p on WHYY-TV.

RT @WHYYNews: Redevelopment coming for large parcel of Norristown State Hospital grounds

Have you Marie Kondo'd your house yet? Or maybe you're nursing a yen for bone marrow? Curb these cravings and more on this week's episode of You Oughta Know, Thursdays at 7:30p on WHYY-TV.

Thanks for talking about our favorite @PBS show, @prestonelliot and @mor100!

Like what you heard about Finding Your Roots on @PrestonSteve933 this morning? The show returns to WHYY-TV Tuesday, April 2nd at 8pm! You can also catch up on previous episodes here: @933WMMR

📺: In the market for an intellectually adventurous film? @306Hollywood transforms ordinary life into an epic metaphor for the nature of memory, time and history. Watch now via WHYY Passport!

RT @NPR: As Congress battles the president over funding for a border wall, more than 570 landowners in Texas' Rio Grande Valley have receiv…

RT @NewsHour: At age 17, Terun Moore was charged with capital murder and sentenced to life without parole.

After the Supreme Court ruled…

Go inside the war crimes trial of Ratko Mladić, one of the most infamous figures of the Balkan wars in the 1990s, tonight on @frontlinepbs. Watch at 9p on WHYY-TV.

Often we think of life and death as opposite sides of a coin — categories as final as they are discrete.

But in an age when machines can keep hearts pumping and lungs breathing, the line between life and death can sometimes start to blur.

From singing in the church choir to modern day swing dancing, these Movers & Makers run the gamut of personal expression. Watch Thursday at 9p on WHYY-TV.

@ali_lavecchia Hi Ali! You Bet Your Garden is actually broadcast by @PBS39Channel now. Hopefully they can help!

What was once considered one of the most prestigious reform schools in the country is now under Pennsylvania state investigation for allegations of widespread abuse spanning decades.

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