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For more than a year, the White House has looked at imposing tariffs on cars/car parts imported from close allies in Europe and Japan.

The auto industry opposes the tariffs — but they may have to keep waiting to find out if their pleas have been heard.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed into law a ban on nearly all abortions in the state.

The law makes it a crime for doctors to perform abortions at any stage of a pregnancy. There are no exceptions for rape or incest.

Authorities say a fire at a mosque in New Haven, Connecticut, was set intentionally, @wnpr reports.

The blaze comes during the holy month of Ramadan.

Correction: This photo depicting their mugshots should have been attributed to "TopFoto/The Image Works" — not to the FBI.

💉 We're used to kids needing lots of shots to ward off lots of illnesses. But what about adults?

Mink, a black bear who had become (a little too) comfortable around humans in the New Hampshire town that loved her (and often fed her doughnuts) was relocated to the Canadian border.

A year later, she made her way back home — because doughnuts.

President Trump is set to unveil an immigration plan tomorrow that would vastly change who's allowed into the U.S. — with a focus on reducing family-based immigration.

Just in: California fire officials have determined power lines owned and operated by utility giant PG&E were the cause of last fall's Camp Fire, the deadliest in California history.

In the 1800s, educator Horace Mann insisted that teachers impart values like persistence, loyalty and cooperation. @heckmanequation says these skills still matter today.

What's Not On The Test 📏📏 @HiddenBrain

"They cannot stand, that a refugee, a black woman, an immigrant, a Muslim shows up in congress thinking she's equal to them."

Rep. Ilhan Omar has faced a storm of criticism. But many say it is more about who she is than what she says. @MorningEdition

President Trump will lay out the principles of a new immigration plan tomorrow afternoon, a senior administration official said.

The new plan would focus on reducing family-based immigration to the U.S. in favor of skill-based immigration.

Former NRA employees told NPR about low wages and underfunded pensions at the National Rifle Association as leaked documents show lavish, six-figure spending by CEO Wayne LaPierre. @nprpolitics

The number of measles cases this year has climbed to 839 in 23 states, affecting mostly unvaccinated people, the CDC reported this week.

Over the course of her first three records, Carly Rae Jepsen went from a relatively unknown Canadian Idol contestant to a viral phenomenon to a lowkey critical darling.

Still, she had yet to really let fans in until now.

Special counsel Robert Mueller's final report elicited plenty of late-night punditry.

But what it hasn't led to is legislation aimed at securing U.S. election systems from future foreign interference. @nprpolitics

The Alabama Senate bill banning abortions would make it a crime for doctors to perform abortions at any stage of a pregnancy, unless a woman's life is threatened or in case of a lethal fetal anomaly.

Not since 1986 has the U.S. seen so few babies born. And it's an ongoing slump: 2018 was the fourth consecutive year of birth declines.

A first-of-its-kind new map may help increase the precision of the HIV/AIDS response, as some data-savvy researchers narrow their focus on the continent's worst-affected areas — to the size of a small town.

With nearly 900 million eligible voters, India's elections are considered the world's largest. Now travelers — both Indian and foreign — want to experience what it's like across the country.

In 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. called on clergy across the country to come to Selma, Ala. to support the civil rights marchers. James Reeb, a white minister from Boston, knew he had to go. He would never return.

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