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As an apprentice in an award-winning restaurant, Samin Nosrat noticed the daily conversations about dishes centered around the same four elements: salt, fat, acid and heat.

Now, she explores those elements on a four-part Netflix show.

Twenty-four workers at an Amazon warehouse were taken to hospitals after a robot punctured a can of bear repellent and exposed them to the spray.

Musician Steve Gunn's "Stonehurst Cowboy" –– named for the Southwest Philly neighborhood where his parents grew up –– pays tribute to Gunn's father, who died in 2016.

Pete Shelley, co-founder, singer and guitarist of the influential British punk band Buzzcocks, died today. He was 63.

From @hereandnow: Friday is the deadline to sign up for this year's Medicare open enrollment. Here are some things to keep in mind. 👇

Friedberg, Germany has installed three traffic lights that honor Elvis Presley: The "don't-walk" light shows Presley at a microphone, while the "walk" light depicts him in his trademark dance pose – heels up, hips swiveled.

If the Supreme Court were to bar dual prosecutions, "there is a concern that a president of the United States could pardon an individual for all federal offenses," one legal expert says.

No New Trial For Border Agent Acquitted Of Killing Mexican Teen, U.S. Prosecutors Say

Banksy's management says the organizers of an unauthorized exhibition of the street artist's work, "abuse Banksy's name for their own financial greed," and may face legal action.

Stock markets recovered most of their losses late in the day, with the Dow closing down 79 points.

New Congresswoman Will Pay Her Interns $15 An Hour. Is That A Big Deal?

The Trump administration plans to eliminate an Obama-era requirement that new coal-fired power plants have expensive technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions.

For-Profit College Chain, Education Corporation of America, Announces Shut Down

The Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report due Friday morning is expected to show that the U.S. labor market remains healthy.

The head of North Carolina's Republican Party says he would "not oppose" a new election in the state's 9th Congressional District if allegations of fraud by a GOP operative prove true.

The 2018 election attracted hundreds of women candidates around the country. In Ohio, an effort called “Ready To Run” hopes to attract even more women candidates for future elections.

Stephen DiRado was concerned his father, Gene, was becoming more forgetful –– so he started photographing him. "It kept me with him," Stephen says.

In 2009, after years battling Alzheimer's, Gene died. Now, Stephen plans to make a book of the photographs.

@titanyokai Thank you for catching our misspelling. We are tweeting a correct version now.

'Elvis Presley' Helps Pedestrians Cross The Street In German Town

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