Three of the world's most elite climbers are missing and presumed dead by park officials after an avalanche in Canada's Banff National Park.

To be clear, this is Lizzo's debut ~full-length~ album ... and it's top-notch.

Hurricane Michael was previously classified as a Category 4, at 155 mph. Now, the storm has been upgraded to a Category 5, at 160 mph –– making it one of just four such storms on record in the U.S.

Lizzo's debut album, 'Cuz I Love You,' is finally here –– and it's full of the fearless swagger that's won over so many fans.

🎧 Stream her track 'Juice' and check out this week's best albums:

Impeachment talk started again among Democrats with Thursday's release of the redacted .

Many still see that as too politically risky –– even though they see Trump as unfit for office.

"I would prefer being called by my name or a person who sought refuge. The word refugee leads to stereotypes or expectations that don't allow us to see who someone is," says Clemantine Wamariya, who fled Rwanda as a girl.

Clarification: We incorrectly called 'Ungovernable' a novel. It is, in fact, a work of nonfiction –– unfortunately, all too true.

Clarification: We incorrectly called 'Boys Will Be Boys' a novel. It is, in fact, a work of historical fiction –– unfortunately, all too true.

In the name of learning how to practice medicine, young doctors may be tempted to order lots of tests, a trial-and-error approach with real implications for patients' health –– and their wallets.

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Jeff Sessions
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Rod Rosenstein

Pennsylvania is the only state in the U.S. that doesn’t provide any funding or central oversight for criminal defense of its poorest people –– leaving the job totally up to counties. (via @905wesa)

Revisiting 19th-century advice of women as dedicated vessels for childbearing and the idea that Boys Will Be Boys, Therese Oneill's novel is a reminder we're still knee-deep in Victorian mores, our critic says.

"This is what rich and powerful people have done throughout history. Louis XIV built Versailles. The pope built St. Peter's. The pharaohs built the pyramids," a professor who studies corporate landscapes says.

Now, it's the tech companies.

Jepsen's new track feels ripe for crying at the club –– a time-tested tradition celebrated by every pop queen from Whitney Houston to Robyn.

A promising new HIV drug may cause birth defects. And poorer countries, without the resources to guide HIV positive women of childbearing age through the options, sometimes opt to not give them the drug at all.

"The way the system is operating right now, especially in Louisiana, is a farce," said the wife of one of the hunger strikers at River Correctional, a private prison that has held immigration detainees since late last year.

"If it weren't for the airstrikes on our tents and camps killing our children, we would not have left the caliphate," says one woman who prays for the return of the ISIS caliphate.

RT @MorningEdition: Former Trump White House attorney Jim Schultz tells @nprinskeep that President Trump was "very frustrated" with the Mue…

"Recovery is a marathon and not a race, and you just have to keep running it," Columbine shooting survivor Zach Cartaya said, remembering the words of his former principal.

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