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Top North Korean official Kim Yong-chol arrives in Washington, DC, for summit talks with Americans - @YonhapNews

3 Chicago police officers found not guilty of attempting to cover up the 2014 deadly shooting of Laquan McDonald. - @NBCChicago

Thousands more immigrant children were separated from parents under Trump admin. than previously acknowledged, and whether they were reunified is unknown, according to new report by inspector general for the US Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS).

At least 4 dead in presumed car bomb attack on Colombia police school, Bogota mayor says - @AFP

@NBCNews British PM May wins confidence vote 325-306, leaving her in power but without an approved Brexit plan - @NBCNewsWorld

At least 890 people are believed to have been killed in ethnic violence in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo last month, the UN human rights office said Wednesday. - @Reuters

@NBCNews US service members were killed in the bombing "while conducting a routine patrol" in the Syrian city of Manbij, spokesperson for US-led coalition against ISIS says.

Suicide bomber in a market in the Syrian city of Manbij has hit coalition forces, including Americans, and civilians, a senior Kurdish security official in the city tells @NBCNews.

@NBCNews Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn tables motion for vote of no-confidence after PM May suffers major defeat by more than 200 votes on her Brexit plan.

British PM May's Brexit deal suffers critical parliamentary rejection by more than 200 votes, throwing up a major question mark over what’s next for Britain as the clock ticks down to its departure from the EU - @NBCNews

LIVE: Result of critical parliamentary vote on British PM May's Brexit deal expected soon.

LIVE: Trump nominee for new US attorney general, William Barr, testifies in US Senate confirmation hearing.

Upscale hotel complex in Kenya's capital is under attack, with a blast and heavy gunfire, witnesses and police say, with several vehicles are burning, and people are being carried from the scene.

US House Minority Leader McCarthy: GOP Steering Cmte. votes unanimously to remove Rep. Steve King from all committees after white supremacy comments.

Huge blast rocks Kabul on Monday evening; reportedly occurred near Green Village compound. - @TOLOnews

Gdańsk Mayor Paweł Adamowicz has died after being stabbed during an attack on a stage at a charity event, Polish media report.

China hands death sentence to Canadian convicted of drug trafficking amid turmoil over Canada’s detention of Huawei executive. - @WashingtonPost

Several people injured in powerful explosion at a bakery in central Paris; believed to have been caused by a gas leak, French police say.

Many injured in "serious" double-decker bus crash in Ottawa. - @CTVNews

Many injured in "serious" bus double-decker bus crash in Ottawa. - @CTVNews

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