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The destruction in Beira is "massive and horrifying," Jamie LeSueur, who led a Red Cross team that had to assess the damage by helicopter because of the flooded-out roads, says.

Norsk Hydro, one of the world’s largest producers of aluminum, is battling Tuesday to contain a cyber attack that has hit parts of its production; company halts several metal extrusion plants.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan, says in television address that he is resigning after three decades in power - @Reuters / @BBCBreaking

Number of people killed in Cyclone Idai and recent flooding in Mozambique could rise to around 1,000, President Filipe Nyusi says on state broadcaster Monday.

@AFP @BBCBreaking @AP At least 3 killed, 9 injured in Utrecht tram shooting, mayor says: "We expect a terror motive."

Police searching for suspect Gökmen Tanis, 37, born in Turkey.

@AFP @BBCBreaking @AP Police say they are searching for Gökman Tanis, 37, born in Turkey, in connection with the Utrecht tram shooting.

@AFP @BBCBreaking @AP Head of Dutch counter-terror agency: Shooting at "several" locations in Utrecht; shooter still at large.

@AFP @BBCBreaking @AP Dutch authorities raise terrorism threat level to highest in province of Utrecht after multiple people shot.

@AFP @BBCBreaking @AP Dutch police say the investigation into the Utrecht shooting is considering the possibility of a terrorist motive.

@AFP @BBCBreaking Utrecht police say that trauma helicopters have been sent to the scene of the shooting, and they are appealing to the public to stay away to allow first responders to do their work - @AP

Several people injured amid shooting in the Dutch city of Utrecht, police say - @AFP / @BBCBreaking

RT @BreakingNews: Flooding has triggered emergency and disaster declarations throughout the Midwest.

Nebraska, for example, is grappling w…

Flooding has triggered emergency and disaster declarations throughout the Midwest.

Nebraska, for example, is grappling with the worst flooding the state has seen in half century, according to the state's governor.

New Zealand police say death toll from terror attack on Christchurch mosques has risen to 50 - @NBCNews

US will repeal or deny visas to International Criminal Court staff seeking to investigate Americans, and may take similar action to protect Israelis or other allied forces from prosecution, Sec. of State Pompeo says.

BREAKING: At least 40 people killed in New Zealand mosque attacks, PM Ardern says: Incident "can only be described as a terrorist attack"

Senior North Korea official says U.S. threw away golden opportunity at summit; warns Kim Jong Un may rethink launch moratorium - @AP

@AP New Zealand PM Ardern on magnitude of the Christchurch mosque mass shootings attack:

"This is and will be one of New Zealand's darkest days."

RT @NBCNews: LIVE: New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern speaks amid reports of mass shooting at mosques in Christchurch. h…

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