Alfie Coleiro's poem about being bullied for being a redhead went viral after his dad posted it on Facebook – now he's having the last laugh.

"Nothing at the Trump organisation was ever done unless it was run through Mr Trump."

Does Theresa May's concession strengthen her hand for the difficult months ahead or is a swift departure now inevitable? And how did other prime ministers in similar situations fare?

A disabled woman died after having all her teeth removed by a dentist at an NHS trust criticised for its "drastic" full extractions from other vulnerable patients.

Looking for a new job? LinkedIn co-founder @ReidHoffman sat down with The Disrupters podcast (@BBCKamal and @Silva) to tell them what he looks for when hiring.

Listen to The Disrupters on BBC Sounds 📲

There are still a few shopping days left to stock up for a cliff-edge Brexit...

Yes, Dead Ringers is back. Listen live on @BBCRadio4 at 6.30pm, or on @BBCSounds.

Prince George is promoted to trousers in the Cambridge family Christmas photo.

"Ten years ago I just accepted what my parents said, but now our cousins have been given a choice and they're saying no to that. Our younger generation have been given a choice and if they don't like it they can speak up about it."

Robin is really a contraction and diminutive of “Robert”. The original word for the species was “Ruddock” or “redbreast”. Over time this was personalised with a Christian name as a mark of respect for its aura of friendship. ❤️

"One of the nice things about Christmas music is that you get 11 months off from it." – John Rutter

"It's not like a sound you don't like, it's much more than that, it's completely different. It's something I feel in my stomach, like extreme anxiety. Or suddenly I feel overwhelmed, I can't think any more, it just takes over everything."

For years tech companies such as Amazon, Alphabet and Uber have promised us delivery drones bringing goods to our doorsteps in a matter of minutes. So why are they taking so long to arrive?

BBC Africa presenter @BenInLDN has been named as @BBCNews's first LGBT correspondent. 🏳️‍🌈

🐬 Flip is the name of our comedy box set podcast. We bundle whole series of Radio 4 comedy for you to binge on.

The latest box set is the delightful Britain in Bits with @RealRossNoble

RT @SayeedaWarsi: My podcast “How To Be A Muslim Woman” British muslim women in their own words @BBCRadio4
“I found my Islam in @BritishAr…

RT @tinysunbird: Final gig of 2018. What - a - year! Very happy to end on this: I’ll be talking all things Christmas on @BBCRadio4 @RevRich…

RT @RitaOra: Chatting with @JohnWilson14 tonight on @BBCFrontRow 7:15pm @BBCRadio4 Tune in! ❤️

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