Apple allowing Apple Music subscribers to gift a free month of the service to friends by @ChanceHMiller

9to5Toys Last Call: Elgato Stream Deck $120, HDHomeRun Connect Quatro $110, more

Apple reportedly buys PullString, a voice assistant startup behind enterprise Alexa apps by @iPeterCao

Economic Daily News: Updated AirPods in production with black color option, launching alongside AirPower in spring by @bzamayo

Comical iPhone XR ad shows off Portrait Mode Depth Control: ‘Did you bokeh my child?’ by @iPeterCao

Twitter saves deleted direct messages for years, says security researcher by @michaelpotuck

Comment: With Apple's March event focused on services, when should we expect hardware updates? by @apollozac

Pokémon GO may be forced to change Poké Stops and Gyms in game after lawsuit settlement by @iPeterCao

9to5Toys Lunch Break: $150 off 10.5-inch iPad Pro, AirPods $140, Logitech TV Bluetooth Keyboard $58, more by @blairaltland

Test compares cellular speeds for top iPhone models, difference between the iPhone 5s and XS, more by @michaelpotuck

Allstate insurance adds iCracked to SquareTrade in bid to offer one-stop shop for tech support/repair by @benlovejoy

Apple removed five minerals suppliers in 2018 for failing to pass human rights audits by @benlovejoy

Samsung opening Apple Store-like retail outlets in New York, LA and Houston by @benlovejoy

Wrongful death lawsuit brought against Apple after fire allegedly caused by iPad by @benlovejoy

RT @9to5toys: Looking for AirPods? Costco currently has inventory on sale from $140 by @trevorjd14

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