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A 6-year-boy missing since last year is back with his father. He was found alive, hidden inside an attic crawl space.

REST IN PEACE: Rookie police officer Natalie Corona was investigating a crash Thursday when one of the people involved in the accident pulled out a gun and shot her Image Credit: Richard Lau

RT @Christie_Ileto: Birds fans are touching down in NOLA and the are READY! Are you? @Eagles @6abc

The playbook resembles a work of art. And the Birds are inspiring these artists to create their latest masterpieces.

SALUTING A HERO: A sea of firefighters are seen paying tribute to fallen firefighter Steven Pollard, who died while responding to a car crash on Sunday. Rest in peace.

You might think feeding stray cats could become a problem, but people in one Pennsylvania community are actually trying to protect the practice.

RT @JamieApody: Nice!!!! We need some more green in this town!!!! Right now it’s only me and @Christie_Ileto! 💚

RARE CONDITION: This woman can no longer hear men's voices due to a rare hearing disorder.

RT @JamieApody: It's always a bit uncomfortable to cover a visiting team's practice since you're not used to their building or their rules,…

We have a light snow event coming up--haven't really had much in the last 2 months so this will be notice…

Taco Bell plans to test a vegetarian menu-board in some locations. The menu will list the chain's current vegetarian and vegan options, as well as some new items.

RT @Christie_Ileto: No trash talking... (just yet), only southern hospitality! @Eagles fans have touched down in the Big Easy ahead of Sund…

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