JUST IN: @Phillies managing partner John Middleton and his wife Leigh are making a $100,000 donation to the Eagles Autism Challenge.

Another visitor to Grand Canyon National Park has died after falling over the edge of the South Rim, authorities said Tuesday.

STARBUCKS STIR: Thousands of people have signed an online petition opposing the new mini-Starbucks at Dilworth Park, partly because there is already a larger Starbucks on the north end of City Hall.

RT @matt_odonnell: Online petition opposes the construction of a Starbucks kiosk on the south side of Philadelphia City Hall. Why? Because…

The kissing bug, or Triatoma sanguisuga, are blood-sucking insects that feed on animals and humans, and are known to bite the faces of humans.

Pink says she is sick of all the negative comments she gets when she posts photos of her children, 7-year-old Willlow and 2-year-old James.

RT @karenrogers6abc: UPDATE: Traffic lights are out at 8th and Race and 8th and Vine St. 7th St is blocked and if you’re coming off the V…

RT @davidmurphy6abc: Not as warm today, but still pretty darned nice! Sunny, breezy, low 70s later. I'm going 72! Rain coming soon. 7Day…

The hills are alive with The Sound of Music! You can enter for your chance to win tickets to see it live! 5 winners will receive 2 tickets to attend a performance of The Sound of Music on Thursday, May 9th at 7:30pm!

Enter for your chance to win:

DRESS CODE FOR PARENTS: No more hair rollers, shower caps, pajama pants or torn jeans if you're a parent intending to visit one Texas high school.

COMMUTER ALERT: Police are on scene directing traffic at the intersections of 7th and Vine Streets and 8th and Race Streets as the traffic signals in the area are non-operational at this time.

RT @karenrogers6abc: Be careful the traffic lights are out at 8th and Race and the ramp from the Vine EB to 8th Street. ⁦@6abc⁩ https://t.c…

RT @TaRhondaThomas: Gross! What do you think they’re dumping? Whatever it is, it’s illegal to pour anything down a storm drain. https://t.c…

RT @matt_odonnell: Radnor High School will move up its start time one full hour in the fall. Will the students get more sleep - or just sta…

The family of a 6-year-old North Carolina boy is in mourning after they say a shelf and mantle fell on top of him this weekend as he reached for a toy.

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