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If you are looking to retire, the Garden State might not be the place for you.

Abington High School honored John "Woody" McGoldrick who has served as chief cheerleader and the school's custodian for 50 years.

Two Philadelphia lawmen are on the mend after a dangerous encounter with a dog while they were serving a warrant Thursday.

RT @CecilyTynan: I'm very concerned about the threat of icing (sleet & freezing rain) north and west of Philadelphia. This would be on top…

RT @CecilyTynan: Early Sunday afternoon temps will plunge before freezing. Anything wet will likely freeze nearly immediately.

Two suspects armed with a shotgun targeted a 7-Eleven in Northeast Philadelphia.

Police: Missing Malvern woman's husband named person of interest-

RT @Christie_Ileto: Round one of this ❄️❄️ system has just made its way to the Delaware Valley. Be careful on the roads overnight and tomor…

Wintry weather is coming - what does that mean for school on Friday morning?
Check out for up to the minute closings and delays.

Mom outraged over court-ordered apology by driver who hit her son-

RT @Christie_Ileto: ❄️ starting to come down in the last hour in Quakertown. Fortunately as of now, it’s not sticking to the roads. @6abc h…

RT @Christie_Ileto: “This is the third time we’ve restocked this aisle...”- Asst. Store Manager at @Lowes in Quakertown says shovels and sa…

RT @Christie_Ileto: Snow is lightly falling Quakertown, as residents spent the evening preparing for the first of two snow storms over the…

RT @JeffSkversky: Flyers acquired right wing Justin Bailey from Buffalo Sabres for forward Taylor Leier


RT @Christie_Ileto: SALT! It’s the number one item customers are buying at @Lowes in Quakertown! Residents are making sure to be prepared o…

SURPRISE! Alshon Jeffery surprised the class of the second grader who penned him a heartwarming letter that went viral. Action News was the only one there to capture the great day. 💚

Federal loans available for Overbrook apartment fire victims-

Police: Missing Malvern woman's husband named person of interest-

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